Memoirs & Musing

The Four Men in a Woman’s Life

I was told the Chinese belief that you will meet 4 men in your life…

  1. You will love him but he won’t love you back.
  2. He will love you but you won’t love him back.
  3. You will both fall in love but cannot be together.
  4. You will both fall in love and get married.

I have met all 4 such men that have each taught me a valuable lesson. But what if I told you that I was given a second chance at life, pressed the reset button and I’m back at the beginning? If this theory is true, then maybe I’ll meet another round of these men again but hopefully, this time, in the right order. If I meet another n.o. 1, I will just move on and not give a damn. If I meet another n.o. 2, I will kiss him thank you and will always pray he will find the love he deserves. I really hope this time, I will never meet another n.o. 3 because of all, this was the most painful. But if I skip n.o. 3 altogether and meet n.o. 4, I will always live in fear that I will meet another n.o. 3 after n.o. 4.

Wish I have never heard this.


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